Robyn McLean, MSc - Principal

 "I see evaluation as a powerful and practical tool to help make change in the world"

I see evaluation as a powerful and practical tool to help make change in the world. Through discussion, reflection, asking key questions, and gathering and analyzing evidence, I try to inspire people to see their work differently and to help them better achieve their desired outcomes.  I especially love working: 

  • On programs or subjects that are complex or have ambitious long-term outcomes
  • To understand how we can contribute to change at a systems- or sector-level
  • With those who feel nervous or uncertain about evaluation

I have experience working in a variety of settings and subjects, such as:

  • Collaboration, partnership and movement-building
  • Food systems and agriculture
  • Health promotion and community development
  • Addictions and mental health
  • Housing and homelessness
  • Systems change and complexity

Originally from Alberta, I moved to British Columbia in 2015. I split my time between Kamloops and Allie Lake Ranch, a beautiful off-grid property on the Cariboo Plateau in the Deadman Valley.